Q: Is the new NRA Blended-Learning Course available?

A: Short answer: Yes!!
A: Long answer: The new NRA Blended-Learning Basic Pistol Shooting Course Is the NRA’s response to the overwhelming request of eligible U.S. citizens who wanted the efficiency and know-how of a proven instructional system available to them in the comfort of their own home. The “Blended” course allows participants to learn at their own pace (within an allotted time frame), test and progress at their own speed and seek out a certified NRA instructor of their choosing to complete the “2nd Phase” of training.

Q: How do I sign up for one of your courses?

A: When we have a course scheduled you can either go to our “contact us” page where you can email us directly and we can assist you in getting registered, or, you can click on the link below to find qualified NRA instructors in your area (
The above link will take you to the NRA Instructor portal website where you can select the “Find a Course” link, fill in the course you wish to take along with your zip code and then register online with a myriad of certified instructors in your area. And lastly, you can visit our “NAC Classes” page to see what we have coming up or contact us personally to schedule training to fit your schedule.

Q: Do you offer insurance in case my guns are stolen or insurance for a self-defense shooting?

A: The short answer. No
A: The Long Answer, the links below are (in our opinion) the best sources for acquiring the types of insurances needed to ensure your valued firearms are protected and that in the event you are involved in a legal self-defense shooting that there is a provider out there who will be with you every step of the way:
Second Call Defense;
Join the NRA today;
NRA Endorsed Member Benefits

Q: Will my child fire a real gun during the Youth Run & Gun Kamp?

A: No. Children registered for this instruction will ONLY fire non-lethal gun systems such as the Tippman 98 paintball gun, Airsoft Glock pistol, Daisy CO2 BB hand gun and SIRT Laser trainer handgun(s). The focus of this course is to teach children ages 9-15 gun safety and fundamental marksmanship skill-sets.

Q: Do you offer courses that allow my child the ability to fire a real gun?

A: The short answer, No not on their own.
A: However, for our parents and guardians of children ages 9-15 we do teach an all-inclusive “parent-child” NRA handgun course (NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation) that awards a certificate at the completion. This course of instruction focuses on learning the specifics of YOUR handgun and the proper techniques in using it. As in any of our courses safety is paramount and this course is designed to assist gun owners in being more comfortable around their privately owned handgun and knowing how to be a responsible, mature gun-user. With that said, we gladly will and have taught entire families on the safety aspects of a gun already in their possession in their home.

Q: What's the difference between the NAC/NC CCH course and the NRA blended/NC CCH course?

A: Basically it’s classroom instruction versus Online instruction. A number of request have come in asking us to teach a basic handgun course that is classroom based; where students and instructors interact, live demonstrations are performed and participants can question, practice and learn all in an environment of friends/peers and under the guidance of qualified, experienced instructors. That’s not to say that online instruction is not as good as a live instructor, but rather it’s a way of instruction that appeals to some – as the saying goes
different strokes, for different folks.”

Q: Will I become a better shooter after attending one of your courses?

A: We believe so, every student that comes thru our door is taken through a plan of instruction that is tried and true and by applying what is taught in the course, thus far ALL of our students have benefited from instruction and have shown a marked improvement in their shooting skills. And not to brag,…..but have all passed with pretty high scores!:-)

Q: Are your instructors/staff certified?

A: Absolutely. Our instructors are experienced, seasoned veterans who hold numerous certifications to include instructor Certs for North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun, multiple NRA pistol/rifle certifications, Range safety officers, CPR/AED credentialing as well as Department of State Basic Field Firearms Officer Course and Department of Defense Instructor training. Our instructors bring a combined 40+ years of experience to the table and pass on the knowledge to each and every student that passes thru the NAC door.

Q: After attending your Concealed Carry course will I get my CCH permit?

A: No. You will receive a certified North Carolina Concealed Carry  certificate of completion from us. This certificate is needed and will be submitted when you take it to your county’s Sheriff/police department to be submitted with a Concealed Carry application. Once submitted, filing and processing fees have been paid and once you are cleared by an appropriate law enforcement authority (a background check will be conducted) approximately 3-9 weeks later the police department will mail your approved NC Concealed Carry Handgun permit directly to your home.

Q: Do you offer Private Lessons?

A: Yes, we offer both Private and Semi-Private lessons. 1-on-1 instruction, family designed courses, “Ladies Only” Classes and of course our conventional classroom instruction.

Q: Do course cost include Tax?

A: Course fees are all inclusive, unless stated otherwise within the course description or participant packet which is mailed out to prospective participants. Additional cost associated with classes may include range safety classes such as the case when using the Wake County Range shooting complex, ammunition cost which students would purchase prior attending the class to cover required range practical shooting exercises and processing fees collected by your county’s law enforcement agency will apply for participants who enroll in our NC Concealed Carry Handgun Course.
As always, all course fees listed are per student/participant.

Q: Can I host a course in my home, place of business or subdivision community center?

A: With proper pre-approval and preparation, yes, we can and have conducted courses in a variety of locations. If this is an avenue you are interested in exploring, be sure to call or email us so we can discuss all of the options as well as the discounts that apply for group classes.

Q: Do you rent guns for your classes?

A: No, however, if you attend one of our courses and are not a current gun owner we will provide you with a .22 caliber gun to shoot during the “range portion” of the class. Ammunition is available for purchase for students who are not current gun owners.

Q: Are certificates awarded at the completion of the class?

A: Yes, each student will receive a NRA completion certificate for the course and discipline they receive instruction in from us. For students who take the combined Basic Pistol and NC Concealed Carry Handgun Course; two (2) certificates will be presented at the successful completion of that course. Our Youth Run & Gun Kamp awards both certificates and skill/course completion badges.

Q: I saw your coupons on your Face Book page. How many can I use and how/when do I apply them?

A: Coupons both here on the site and on our Face Book page are available for use. At the time of course registration be sure to include the coupon with your registration packet and payment. One (1) is allowed per student, or one (1) per couple for our “Dueling Lovers ” course or one per (1) family for our “Can’t nobody out-shoot Dad” course..

Q: What materials are included with the course?

A: Each course provides a student packet which includes, a student book for the respective NRA course registered for, NRA membership and competitive shooting material, a course completion certificate and student test.

Q: Do I need to belong to or will I need to Join a Shooting Club?

A: The short answer. No
A: The Long Answer, Any time our students invest more time and practice in their newly applied skills, efficiency and abilities increase. As the old adage goes, “Practice makes Perfect” and the same is certainly true in a perishable skill set such as marksmanship. If you are already a member of a shooting facility in your area we will gladly run the “range” portion of the class on the range of your choosing. If you are not currently a member, we have a number of ranges to choose from that could become your new “home” for your new-found enthusiasm.

Q: Can I take the North Carolina Concealed Carry Course if I am not a naturalized citizen?

A: A qualified (permanent) resident alien is able to apply for pistol purchase permits and own pistols. However, they do not qualify for a concealed carry handgun (CCH) permit. Although they are allowed to take the course, They would have to wait until they bec0me a Naturalized Citizen to be able to apply for their CCH permit.