Second Call Defense

PROTECTION,… when and where you need it.
Young child being embraced by a family member with a hanngun.

Over the years we’ve had a number of students inquire about “what can they expect if they were ever to be involved in a legal self-defense shooting scenario.” Will I be arrested? Should I retain a lawyer? How much is Bond? Will I miss work?

Unfortunately there’s never been an easy “one-stop shop answer” nor an entity that could provide such an “all inclusive service” to provide the much needed support system, immediately, painlessly and across all 50 states of our great nation. NOW THERE IS.

We’re happy to announce that NAC has teamed up with Second Call Defense, a business alliance with the NRA endorsed insurance program to provide concerned citizens the resources, complete legal expertise, advice, financial protection and peace of mind that in the aftermath of a legal self-defense shooting, YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

Contact us today to learn more about the proper and only way to protect yourself and loved ones during and after an Armed self- defense situation. Or click here to explore the Second Call Defense website to learn about all the services provided. Join today and your first month is on us – FREE.

When you need the best, Second Call Defense has your back.